House Cleaning West Linn - Tips to Maintain Chrome
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House Cleaning West Linn - Tips to Maintain Chrome

Chrome is a very soft metal that is used in faucets, pots, pans and chrome rims as well. Though, it is soft, you are never going to find anything that is made up of solid chrome. The problem with chrome is that it’s a durable metal that can last for years but it doesn’t take much longer to get dirty. And you have to clean it on regular basis it’s important to know the basic house cleaning. Improper chrome cleaning can lead you to damage it. If you want to clean your chrome safely without damaging it then House Cleaning West Linn has got few tips for you.  

Never Neglect Chrome:

For house cleaning, the best way to avoid any damage to your chrome is that you never get them dirty. The more dirt the more effort and force  you need to put in order to remove the stains. This way there are high chances that you will damage your chrome surface. As soon as you notice that your chrome is getting dull wash it.     

Soap and water:

If your chrome pans, pots and rims are not too much dirty then this is all your need. A sink full of water, a detergent and a sponge cleaner is required in the entire process. Clean the chrome finish on the handles, faucets of your sink during the house cleaning. For grooves or hard stains you can use old toothbrush.

Soap and water didn’t do the trick?

For house cleaning, If you have got stubborn stains that are not being removed by simple water and soap solution then try vinegar to clean the chrome. It works well with the stubborn stains. It can be used to clean rims, pans, bumpers and so on. If you still need extra power add little baking soda on the vinegar damped cloth.

All dried up:

Once you clean your chrome after house cleaning make sure you dry it really well. Chrome develops water spots on the surface. So, when you wash the chrome take a dry cloth and clean it again.

Waxing Chrome:

During house cleaning, if you want to keep your chrome shiny for longer then you need to apply some chrome wax. All car wax can be used for this process. Make sure that you do a couple of coats. The first coat will fill the pores and after that the second coat will help you to get the shiny look that you want. Buff it in the end.

Eco-Friendly way to clean chrome

Baby Oil:

All you need to do is grab a dry cloth and add few drops of baby oil on it after that wipe the faucets, appliances, vehicles or any other chrome plated objects which need some house cleaning.


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