Few Steps to Clean Your Bathroom
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Few Steps to Clean Your Bathroom

Bathrooms need daily house cleaning. Unlike other room in your home you just can’t pick up the stuff and consider that you are done with the house cleaning. These few steps by House Cleaning West Linn will help you to clean and maintain the cleanliness in your bathroom without spending extra hours scrubbing and disinfecting the germs and dirt.


You need the following stuff for house cleaning bathrooms:

  • A basket or a bag to remove the clutter
  • Broom or a mop
  • The Hamper
  • A dustbin
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • A glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth
  • The Toilet brush
  • The Toilet cleaner

Gather all of the necessary supplies:

If you have all of the necessary supplies from the begining with you when you start the house cleaning process then the job gets easier for you and there are less distractions. You might run the downstairs to grab the broom and you might look has the mail arrived yet or not and when you check for the mail you decide to read it as well and you might also remember to call one of your family member. So, this makes to clean the bathroom cleaning one of the last thing on your mind. That is why you need to stay focused during the house cleaning process.


Pickup all of the dirty clothes and put it in the hamper:

During the house cleaning process make sure that you don’t interrupt the cloths-gathering process with throwing away the unwanted items or trash as well as putting away the bottles of shampoo. Also, don’t waste your time in turning the socks in the right position by turning the right side out or unfold your pants. You just need to throw all of the stuff in the hamper. That’s it.


Toss all of the trash in the bin:

During the house cleaning, you need to pick up all of the hairballs, toilet paper.


Pick up all of the items that belong in another room:

During the house cleaning pick up all of the items and put them in the basket or a bag and set them outside your bathroom for the disbursement all over the house.


Return the items that belong in the bathroom:

During the house cleaning process make sure that you don’t waste time to reorganize the medicine cabinet just put away the stuff where it belongs. Organize when you are having extra time.


Use disinfecting wipe:

When house cleaning, make sure you wear the gloves and quickly remove the grime and dirt and scrub the toilet thoroughly with detergent.


Clean Mirror:

To clean the mirror you need to use a dry cloth or microfiber cloth with vinegar solution.



If you have all of the bathroom supplies for the job then it can make the things easy for you. Make sure that you keep all of the chemicals away from the children.


➤If you want to clean your bathroom and want to do house organization call your local House Cleaning West Linn experts.